Evolving  the future

The world is changing

The breathtaking changes in our society are driven by innovations in the information technology sector. We all modernize on a daily base, purchase new smartphones, wearables or IoT devices for our smarthome, while new media replace established information sources like newspapers and the ordinary TV.

Enterprises under pressure

These changes also influence the business world and demand elementary changes from small, medium and large enterprises, regarding their business processes and data processing. The challenges of an extensive modernisation of the IT-environment are complex, expensive and mostly risky.

Successful transformation

A successful transformation requires a precise goal and way to arrive safely. The first step: Turn your data into knowledge. Utilize this knowledge to drive your business processes and work towards a continuous evolution.

Our Ideology

LiveReader GmbH stands for an immediate (live) connection (reader) of Apps and IoT-devices to a central data- and knowledge-representation with an intelligent analysis and interpretation.

We focus a semantic data-representation, an intelligent way to process such data with artificial intelligence technologies and an easy visualization of the results.

One good example of our work: Notitia – an innovative solution to process knowledge intensiv process in a flexible manner.