rescue (latin: liberandum)

Notitia.Liberandum is designed for emergency control center to support the knowledge acquisistion during an emergency call. 

Each emergency case is in some ways unique and the emergency control center requires the most important information to judge the situation and to act fast and precisely.

Notitia enhanced by the expert knowledge of medicals, rescue professionals and fire fighters can offer a significant support through its embedded articicial intelligence during an emergency call.

An Apple Watch detects a fall. The watch beeps and taps, showing a countdown to interupt the coming action. The countdown passes by and the watch dials 911 and transfers a complete datapackage to the emergency control center.

1 – Location: GPS-coordinates + Adress
2 – Caller number: Cellphone number 
3 – Number affected persons: 1 
4 – Who is affected: The owner of the watch
5 – How old is the person: 42
6 – Gender of the person: male

This scenario is not science fiction, but it’s neither state of the art. Today, all Q&As must be registered manually into the system, the integration of a transfered data-package is not reality. If this would be the case, the first 6 regular questions could be skipped since they are answered by the data of the watch.

This is just one example – one possible scenario out of many. Think about an eCall from the car, an emergency button for seniors, intelligent sensors, IoT-Devices which detect water or smoke, … An emergency call could be started by many places and different devices and could provide the control center with extremly valuable data.

For this future, our systems and proceedings must be able to operate with such data sources in an intelligent and flexible way. Notitia allows to integrate facts from several sources and adapts the following Q&A process accordingly.

As a result, the time for communication can be reduced and all coming questions consider the current state of knowledge.

Notitia offers a structured Q&A support and offers flexibility through the possibility to enter available information at any time.

Beside this, Notitia offers a direct support by an integrated artificial intelligence by the integration of an expert system with medical and operational knowledge.

  • Some indications point to a possible hearth attack? The expert system knows the questions to confirm or eliminate the suspicion.
  • A person is unconscious? The expert system identifies all relevant questions and in case of a CO poisoning it recommends to send the fire fighters.

There are thousands of further possible cases, much more than a human can deal with. That’s the moment were the support of Notitia comes into play by considering the situation and offering valuable questions and operational recommendations.

The AI-based emergency communication of Notitia supports the operator while all decissions are still done by humans. That’s how we understand the collaboration of humans and AI.

Notitia.Liberandum is available online – Let us know – we love to present you Notitia with all it’s possibilities.

The software in use:

These screenshots show an example of the software with active AI-Support. The system recognises the seriousness of the situation and recommends sending an ambulance and an emergency doctor.